Three-Year Service Plan

When serviced properly, a misting system from MistAmerica will cool your outdoor space for many years. At it's core a MistAmerica system is a machine, comprised of many moving parts that work together in order to provide the best outdoor cooling experience that money can buy. It is also an investment, one that will require care and repairs from time to time.

Our service plan is designed to use MistAmerica's expertise and experience to protect your patio misting system and keep it operating properly and effectively in order to maximize the performance and lifespan of your investment. 

Gold Service Package  - Starting at $1,199 For Systems With Up to 50 Nozzles
3 Seasonal Start-Ups, 3 Winter Shut-Downs, 25% Off All Parts, 25% Off Nozzles, 25% Off Repair Services

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Seasonal Start-Up 
-  consists of changing pump oil, changing filters, flushing system, adjusting system to proper pressure and cleaning pump module and up to 10% of installed nozzles to ensure peak performance.

Winter Shut-Down  -  consists of disconnecting pump from water source, disconnecting power, and purging entire system of water including pump, filter housings, nozzles, feed lines and mist lines.

Nozzle Protection Plan  -  consists of removing nozzles at the end of each season, installing plugs to prevent debris from entering system, cleaning all nozzles of any calcium buildup, replacing anti-drip springs if necessary, and drying and storing nozzles until following Spring to prevent freezing/breaking of nozzle orifices during the winter.

Repair Services - consists of non-emergency services for repair or maintenance that is above and beyond the services outlined in the Gold Service Package. 

Mid-Season Tune-Up (optional) - consists of checking operation of entire system, cleaning up to 100% of installed nozzles not operating properly, adjusting system pressure, and thoroughly evaluating mist pump operation to ensure continuing peak performance.

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