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More people equals more profits.

Restaurants, resorts and entertainment venues are constantly searching for new ways to bring people through the door, but what are they doing to keep them there? That’s where MistAmerica comes in. By providing more comfortable outdoor environments for our clients, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses turn their outdoor patio space into efficient and consistent profit centers during the warmer months of the year.

From our Basket Fans to our patented and industry-leading Mist360 Overhead Cooling Fans, MistAmerica has the perfect solution for any commercial venue. Our ability to adapt to any location and environment makes us THE outdoor comfort company of choice for our clientele. With both purchase and rental options available, trust MistAmerica to pack your patio.

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There is nothing that can compare to enjoying a meal outside with friends and family. Our restaurant clients understand this and have figured out that customers on the patio help to attract other customers to the restaurant, resulting in more table turns and an increase in profits.

By taking advantage of our seasonal rental program, restaurants and bars can make their outdoor space a desirable seating destination, turning a profit on a perennially underused space during the hottest times of the year.

Misting fans at a restaurant
Misiting system at a resort in Las Vegas


The main objective of every successful resort destination is to create a comfortable environment for their guests. By utilizing our Mist360 Overhead Cooling Fans for bar and restaurant areas, poolside cabanas and porte cocheres our resort clients are able to keep their guests cool and comfortable throughout their stay.

The goal for our clients is to keep the people staying at the resort spending as much time in these comfort areas as possible. This keeps them engaged with the property and increases the frequency and volume of on-site discretionary spending – a true money-maker that all resorts seek to maximize.

Entertainment Venues

When bars and nightclubs are in close proximity to one another, getting customers to walk through the door is not the issue. Keeping them at your venue is. The goal shouldn’t be to get people to start or end the night at your establishment, but rather to SPEND the night at your establishment. At MistAmerica, this is our goal as well.

During the hottest months of the year, the ability to keep your customers cool and comfortable will allow your location to maximize both the amount of time, and the amount of money, that every individual spends when they walk through your doors. Whether you cater to those who start the party when the sun comes up or when the sun goes down, MistAmerica is here to help.

Misting system in use at a resort in Las Vegas

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The preferred choice in outdoor and patio cooling for restaurants and resorts across Arizona, MistAmerica keeps your outdoor spaces cool, comfortable and profitable throughout the hottest times of the year.

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