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Our Story

MistAmerica was founded in 1994 and quickly became a key player in the outdoor cooling industry by continually improving the quality and functionality of our misting systems and fog effects. MistAmerica was the first company to introduce type 316L stainless steel tubing, which is the current industry standard. We have continued to strive for innovative new solutions - sourcing the world's best high-pressure misting nozzle, developing our own direct-feed reverse osmosis systems for our commercial clients AND developing the Mist360 product line, which have become known industry-wide as the world's best overhead misting fans.

Picture of Mist System in Las Vegas
Picture of Mist System in Las Vegas

Our Quality

Over the past 25+ years, MistAmerica has invested time, money and research to produce not only the best nozzle, but the best outdoor cooling solution on the market today. In order to do that, every aspect of the cooling experience needed to be approached with two questions in mind:

How can we cater to every sized space, and how can we provide effective cooling in every type of warm climate?

The answer to these questions lay with our nozzles and the fans themselves.

Our Advantages

Quality Control
As long as our products continue to be developed and assembled in-house, MistAmerica’s biggest advantage will continue to be quality control – and not just with our world-class nozzles and cooling fans. Between welding mist line, building high-pressure misting pumps and assembling every mist fan we sell, MistAmerica takes pride in our level of involvement in every step of the manufacturing process. For components that are purchased from outside suppliers – such as fittings, fan guards, and outdoor-rated motors for our fans – we run a comprehensive testing protocol to insure that every product we ship will perform for years to come.

Industry-Leading Nozzles
With the goal of cooling people in the best way possible without getting them wet, MistAmerica tested hundreds of different nozzles, under varying levels of pressure, to find a nozzle with ideal evaporation levels. The results of our testing were clear: the ruby orifice nozzle provided the most complete evaporation of the water droplet, and therefore the highest level of cooling while keeping the people and objects underneath dry and comfortable. 

Better Evaporation = Better Cooling
The secret to maximizing the cooling power of outdoor misting is evaporation. When water evaporates, it leaves behind cooler air. The combination of our industry-leading ruby nozzles and the 25+ MPH wind speed from our Mist360 fans turns mist into cold air, keeping everyone underneath both cool and dry.

Picture of misting system in Las Vegas

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The preferred choice in outdoor and patio cooling for restaurants and resorts across Arizona, MistAmerica keeps your outdoor spaces cool, comfortable and profitable throughout the hottest times of the year. Contact us to learn more about how to bring restaurant and resort-quality cooling to your backyard.

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