Mist360 MiniCool System

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The MiniCool™ is the smallest unit in the Mist360 lineup, and is a very economical way to effectively cool a smaller area.  The MiniCool was specifically designed to hang from a standard 8' patio ceiling, cooling an 8'-10' diameter space. The patented design utilizes 6 openings to propel the airflow outward, with a nozzle centered over each opening.  This system comes standard with a medium-pressure (600psi) pump assembly, with an available option to upgrade the system to an 800psi or 1000psi high-pressure pump assembly for use with larger flow nozzles for more arid, high desert climates.

Area cooled: 75-100 sq. ft.

The Mist360 MiniCool System includes the following components:

  • 1 Mist360 MiniCool fan
  • 1 medium-pressure (600psi) pump assembly (high-pressure pump assembly upgrade available)
  • Low-pressure water hose with in-line water filter (sediment filter with calcium inhibitor)
  • 50 feet of high-pressure feed line (nylon flex or upgrade to stainless steel) with attachment clips
  • 6 ruby-orifice misting nozzles, sized for your geographic location
  • 1 3/16" compression union
  • 1 1/4" to 3/16" compression fitting adapter
  • 2 aluminum down rods, sized 4" and 24"
  • 1 ceiling mounting kit
  • 1 installation manual


  • AREA COOLED: 75-100 sq. ft.




  • WEIGHT: 5 Lbs. 


  • SIZE: 14” Diameter x 8” tall (to top of fan guard) 


  • ELECTRICAL: Fan Motor 120VAC, 0.35A, 23W 


  • MOUNTING: Standard ceiling fan bracket to J-Box 


  • INSTALLATION: Mounting Kit & Wiring same as a ceiling fan



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