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Summertime is fun time, when we like to vacation, relax, and get more active. Its also the time of year where outside temperatures rise outside our comfort zone, forcing us to retreat indoors or into the pool. That is why for over 25 years MistAmerica has worked tirelessly to make the outdoors as comfortable as the indoors, helping people to live more of their lives outside. Whether you are reading a book, enjoying a meal, hanging out by the pool, watching your favorite sporting event, or having a party with friends, as long as you are comfortable, it’s more enjoyable when you are outside.

MistAmerica began cooling home patios in the early 1990’s utilizing linear mist line around the outside of patios in desert climates, providing a significant drop in temperature around the patio perimeter, and have provided this type of cooling to over 10,000 homes in the southwest during that time period. As good as this solution is, it’s very susceptible to even slight increases in wind speed or when humidity levels rise, leaving our customer base, and potential customers residing in more humid climates, wanting a better, more permanent solution.

MistAmerica went to work on combining fan technology along with mist technology to bridge this gap, focusing on larger restaurant and resort patios, and developed the Mist360 Overhead Cooling Fan. Traditional outdoor ceiling fans are visually appealing but of little use during the summer months because they do nothing but circulate hot air around the space underneath them. The Mist360 was designed to replace this ineffective technology by utilizing the airflow of a high speed fan over a series of mist nozzles, creating cold air that flows throughout the interior of your patio.

Our patented line of Mist360 Overhead Cooling Fans have been providing this revolutionary type of cooling to restaurants, resorts, amusement parks, and other entertainment venues for nearly a decade, and we’ve recently made a breakthrough in the technology to bring this commercial-grade level of cooling to your backyard. We’ve reduced the noise level of our products without sacrificing the cooling effects, and through the technological gains we’ve made have been able to significantly reduce the price of these systems as well, making it a worthwhile investment to anyone who desires quality patio comfort for their home.


We have designed these Mist360 systems to be able to be installed by virtually anyone who can turn a wrench and use a screwdriver, with the process being very similar to hanging a standard ceiling fan and screwing on a garden hose. MistAmerica also has professional installation teams available to provide a complete turn-key installation in certain areas of the country. Either way, you are sure to enjoy your Mist360 system for many years of comfortable, worry-free outdoor cooling.

Last but not least, these systems do require a small modicum of service to continue to run properly. Along with providing all needed maintenance tips via our service manual, we have a dedicated team of service technicians available to perform seasonal service and occasional repairs should you so desire. Please check out our entire lineup of Mist360 Overhead Cooling Fans. We look forward to cooling you soon.