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Restaurants, resorts and entertainment venues are continually focused on bringing customers through their doors. But what are they doing to keep them there? By keeping patrons cool and comfortable, MistAmerica can help them to stay longer and spend more money. Pack your patio and boost your profits this summer season, with MistAmerica. 

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Turn More Tables With MistAmerica


Nothing compares to enjoying a meal outside with friends and family. Our restaurant clients understand that comfortable outdoor environments attract more customers and keep them coming back, resulting in more table turns and an increase in profits. Don’t get beat by the heat – unlock the profit-producing power of your patio during the hottest months of the year, with MistAmerica.

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Recent Testimonials

"We more than tripled our number of turns on our patio after we put in this system."

- Sam A. , Pita Jungle

"The ease of operation and the general performance of the product is the best there is."

- Jared P. , Buck & Rider

"It definitely cools our patio between 20 and 30 degrees, and is the best money I've ever spent."

- Steve C. , Social Tap

Rent a MistAmerica System

Cooling your patio just got easier.

Never lose out on summer business again with MistAmerica’s rental program. For as little as $5 a day per fan, you can keep your outdoor seating areas cool and comfortable. See how over 250 businesses across the country are benefitting from our rental program.

Get Complimentary Service

Don’t worry about starting up or shutting down your system. All rental clients receive complimentary start-up and shutdown services.

Enhance the Experience

A visibly cool space to eat, drink and relax is one of the most effective ways to capture potential customers passing by your patio during the hottest months of the year.

Profit Generating

A better outdoor customer experience will lead to more table turns, allowing your outdoor patio area to make you money all summer long.

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Turn More Tables With MistAmerica

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