Mist360 Portable Cyclone System

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The Portable Cyclone is the newest unit in the Mist360 lineup, and is our most versatile unit yet. This portable design brings all of the same cooling power that the traditional Mist360 Cyclone system does - double the airflow of the MiniCool, 8 large curved openings for optimal cooling, all while still being quiet enough to enjoy in an intimate residential setting.  The Portable Cyclone comes with a 5-piece aluminum pole kit and a pole mount stand with wheels. The system stands at 7' tall from the bottom of the Cyclone fan to the floor. Although tempting, we do not recommend using less than all 5 pieces of pole to set up your Portable Cyclone system. Doing so will result in an increased risk of tipping over, which has the chance to damage the unit, or worse, the people underneath.

This system comes standard with a high-pressure (800psi) pump assembly, with an available option to upgrade the system to a 1000psi high-pressure pump assembly for use with larger flow nozzles for more arid, high desert climates. Also included are 5 pole mount clips for a more organized and aesthetically-pleasing way to manage wires and water line.

More color options will be available soon, but for now black is the only color available for the Cyclone fan, nylon high-pressure feed line, pole and base.

Area cooled: 100-150 sq. ft. 

The Mist360 Cyclone System includes the following components:

  • 1 Mist360 Cyclone fan
  • 1 high-pressure pump assembly
  • Low-pressure water hose with in-line water filter (sediment filter with calcium inhibitor)
  • 60 feet of high-pressure feed line (nylon flex or upgrade to stainless steel) with attachment clips
  • 8 ruby-orifice misting nozzles, sized for your geographic location
  • 1 3/16" compression union
  • 1 1/4" to 3/16" compression fitting adapter
  • 1 Remote Control 
  • 5-piece aluminum pole kit
  • 5 pole mount clips
  • 1 pole stand with wheels


  • SIZE OF FAN: 18” Diameter x 8” tall 
  • SIZE OF POLE: 7' from ground to top of pole (or bottom of Cyclone fan)
  • ELECTRICAL: Fan Motor 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.55A, 63W 
  • SETUP: 5 piece pole kit, connect each piece and attach Cyclone fan on top
  • HEIGHT: 7' above finished floor to bottom of unit