Mist Line Systems

Looking for a traditional mist line system to cool the perimeter of your outdoor space? MistAmerica has been the pioneer in outdoor misting for more than 25 years, with over 10,000 mist line installations across Arizona and other areas in the Southwest of the United States. Mist line systems work best in dry climates where winds are minimal, allowing the mist sufficient time to complete the evaporation process and cool the immediate area.  Mist line systems can vary in size from as little as 10' to over 1,000', depending on your needs.

MistAmerica manufacturers all of its own mist line using only type 316L stainless steel, and tests every weld to ensure it can withstand full pressure with zero leaks.  Our mist lines are connected using stainless steel fittings to prevent leaks at each joint as well.  Combined with our patented ruby orifice mist nozzles, you are guaranteed to receive the finest mist line system available.  This low-profile, high-pressure stainless steel mist line can be powder coated to match nearly any exterior color. Our mist line also works extremely well in conjunction with any of our Mist360 systems for maximum cooling when temperatures reach triple digits, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable all summer long.

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